Dystopian Fiction Fad

Hi, everyone! I’m new to the Imageblogging world and have already spent months contemplating the idea, a week getting the layout just right, and a day deciding what to post. Since I’m not yet finished with my newest book (Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer), I can’t do a book review yet! Lately though I’ve been wondering why the dystopian theme has found its way into a countless number of young adult books.

To name a few: Hunger Games, Lunar Chronicles, Uglies, and Divergent Series. And those are just the popular ones!!

Fortunately for the authors, this topic is pretty much never-ending! There are a multitude of ways people much more creative than I can conjure up new and exciting worlds that the future could hold. But why not Utopian? Victoria Roth assessed in the back of Divergent that first of all Utopian societies would be insipid to read and write about; second of all, all our perfect worlds are so different. One person may dream of never having to make another decision, while the other shudders at the thought of life planned out for them. Dystopias are much more intriguing for everyone.

And who knows? Maybe all these books about what could go wrong will stop those things from happening. I certainly hope our future doesn’t result to fighting children for television or giving everyone surgery to make them “pretty.”

I’d be interested in seeing how such unusual societies evolve from our modern day one. Maybe an author will write about the shift, or already has and I’m just missing out!


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