Review: Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I noticed Cinder about a year ago on Goodreads, and I thought it looked interesting, mainly because of the fractured fairy tale side of the story.

ImageWho doesn’t love fairy tales?! I’ve read so many good books that take an outline of a classic tale and spin it into something wonderful. And that’s exactly what happened in this book!

After months of ignoring the book, I spotted the red heel and mechanic leg from 

across my library. I snagged it, and continued to ignore it for another week. Once I finally read it, I wanted to kick myself for writing it off as unimportant! It literally only took me a day, I was so into it. The way the story veered so far away from the traditional story, only to jump back in at the strangest moments was fabulous. I adored reading it. 

As soon as I was done, I put the next book on hold. And the clock ticked from days to weeks to months. Eventually, I got my hand on Scarlet, and began my journey into the 450 pages of a futuristic world. 

The story takes place in the far off dystopian (nothing new there!) future. The dystopia doesn’t jump out as completely messed up. In fact, it seems just like the world we live in today. Other than the technology advances, deadly disease, and lunar people! 

In the sequel, Scarlet wears a red hoodie and is trying to find her grandmothers. She meets a man called Wolf, who both helps and harms her. Hmm… let’s see. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The sequel to a Cinderella tale is a Little Red Riding Hood tale!!! That completely blew my mind, and took longer than it should have to figure it out. 

Throughout the book, Meyer goes back and forth between Cinder’s troubles and Scarlet’s. She effortlessly combines the two very different problems into shooting for one common goal. This book was written perfectly, and the series is one of the best and most thought out dystopias I’ve yet to read. But I may just be partial to it since it also incorporates fairy tales!

Scarlet was a little harder to get into than Cinder, but I always take a while to warm up to the new characters. After I did though, I loved them wholeheartedly. The comic relief of Captain Thorne and the mystery of Wolf had me hooked. The characters seemed so real to me. I found myself awkwardly suppressing giggles at Thorne’s comments and clenching the book in fear at Scarlet’s decisions. All the people complimented each other nicely. 

Both these books are a must read for dystopia-lovers and fairy tale-lovers! These two topics melded together make the Lunar Chronicles an up-and-coming series like no other. 

5/5 Stars



12 thoughts on “Review: Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

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  9. I’m so glad that someone posted a review on this, and a positive one! I’ve been debating on reading this book forever and now you’ve actually given me motivation, thank you!

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