Book Review: White Cat by Holly Black

ImageI’ve officially gotten through the first week of school unscathed, but completely overwhelmed. This is my sophomore year and first AP course, and it has been hitting me hard. Between the teacher’s mouth running a mile a minute about the doomsday exam (May 15th, she won’t let us forget) and the college-level language in the text book I’ve been starting to freak out. And, of course, the ever so helpful Internet causing quizzes due on Sunday and notes that we can take on our own. Yay.



Anyway, when I wasn’t reading this book, I tried to snag a few pages of White Cat by Holly Black. 

It wasn’t a too terribly long novel, but it took me forever to finish. I’m blaming this on the many syllabi that I had to look over and schedule problems that occupied my time.

In addition to all the distractions, though, this book didn’t entice me the way I hoped it would. It was about a fantasy mafia, basically. The novel showed the hardships of doing the right thing, conning with ease, and wondering who will be killed next. 

The plot was very original and Black’s take on magic was different. She constructed a whole underground criminal world that the normal people feared and despised. The writing was easy to read and get into, also. 

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one because it just didn’t grab me. There wasn’t enough suspense, and I didn’t feel any change upon finishing the book. The characters were developed nicely, but I still didn’t love them. White Cat seemed like just another book. There wasn’t anything wrong with it; it just wasn’t for me.

2.7/5 Stars


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