Confessions of a Teenage Reader: The Strange Collection

Today I’d finally like to confess my little quirk. Most people think it’s weird. For example, my mother doesn’t understand it. I have a peculiar infatuation with bookmarks. I could use scraps of paper or old receipts or just remember the page. But where’s the fun in that? I mean, who doesn’t love bookmarks?!


My collection is very organized. Very organized. I have a shoe box that I tally the bookmarks in as I get them up to 100. When I reach the three digits, the group gets moved to a bigger shoe box that holds up to 500. Then, the group of 500 makes its way into a bin I’ve reserved for 1,000. So far, I haven’t gotten to the point where I need more than that. I have no clue how to handle more than 1,000, to be honest. But I guess we’ll find out when the time comes!


Anyway, since I just had a lovely time at the Decatur Book Festival (more on that later) and got a whooping 55 bookmarks, I figured I should share this love with you guys! I used to have a bookmark buddy until I moved at the beginning of freshman year who wholeheartedly supported my collection. She and I scrounged for them everywhere we went, and she helped create my rules and kept me from cheating. Yes, rules. You read it right. It wouldn’t be organized without rules.Image

Erin’s Bookmark Rules:

  1. If a bookmark is homemade, it MUST be used in a book before being added to the collection.
  2. In order to be considered “used”, a bookmark must be in place by the first 50 pages and continue to be used until the end of the book. The bookmark must be used in at least 100 pages. If a book is less than 100 pages, the bookmark has to be used in multiple books.
  3. Bookmarks must be used in order of creation. Exception: holiday bookmarks and bookmarks made for certain books
  4. I cannot use two homemade bookmarks in the same book at the same time and consider both of them “used”. I can, however, use a store bought bookmark and homemade one in the same book.
  5. If I am embarrassed to use a homemade bookmark, then it is obviously crappy and needs to be redone. It will not count until renovations have been made.
  6. Store bought bookmarks can be placed directly in the collection and only need to be used if I want to use them.
  7. Having two of the same bookmark does not count as two separate bookmarks.

Crazy right? I’m actually surprised at how well I keep up with it. As soon as I finish a book, I add a tally to my monthly reads, then put my bookmark into the box and add a tally there, too. Someday I should count the amount of homemade bookmarks compared to store bought, but considering how many I already have, that may take a while.


Some of the bookmarks I picked up at the festival

Now that you guys know my little secret, you can understand my excitement for the book festival! It occurs annually on labor day weekend in Decatur, and it is completely magnificent. I met authors, get books signed, buy cheap books, and, of course, get piles of bookmarks! Once I gather all the pictures we took, I’ll write a post about my time there. Also, if I ever finish Under the Dome, I’ll write a review on that. Between the first month of school and the length and shear weight of that book, it’s been a difficult read and carry around. Hopefully when I finish it I’ll be out of this reading slump! I’ve been slacking, I know!!

Now, whenever I complete a book, you can see the inauguration of the accompanying bookmark!! I do admit to having a plethora of bookmarks, but it wouldn’t be a collection if it wasn’t excessive!

The exact number of bookmarks= 618 as of September 2, 2013


22 thoughts on “Confessions of a Teenage Reader: The Strange Collection

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  11. I have a bookmark collection, but yours quite puts mine to shame. I have to figure out to organize them–right now I have a ‘big bookmark’ pile for hardbacks and a ‘little bookmark’ pile for paperback sized bookmarks. I can do better. 😉

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  16. Someone is a little bit crazy when it comes to bookmarks, isn’t she? LOL I love it! You go, girl!

    Are all of your posts this interesting? Have to check it out. 🙂

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