Confessions of a Teenage Reader: Listopia

As soon as you walk into my room, the first thing you may notice is my fluorescent orange walls. Next is my florid light fixture from Ikea. Once you begin to take a closer look around, you will realize there are a couple common themes. I have many pictures I’ve printed out (real pictures are so much more fun than online ones), books/book references scattering the walls, and lists slipped into different corners. The lists are hung up, in notepads, and in drawers. They are literally everywhere.

Let me give you some examples of theses lists:

  1. I tally the amount of books I read per month on little sheets of papers in the shape of a capital E. I hang these lists on the side of my bookshelf and always keep up with it.todo
  2. I tally the amount of bookmarks I own.
  3. I have a catalog on my laptop of all my books in alphabetical order.
  4. Whenever I have multiple things to do in a day, I make a To Do list.
  5. Packing lists for trips are essential.
  6. I have a list of all my books I want to read.
  7. I have a list of all the classics I’ve read.
  8. I have a list of 100 top YA books that I’ve deemed my duty to complete.
  9. I have a list showing all the pictures I have printed out.
  10. I’m making a list right now about all the lists I make.

Trust me, I can’t even begin to explain the organization on my computer. That task may actually take weeks.


This is entirely true. I have no patience whatsoever.

These lists are not something I fiddle with one day and forget about the next. No, I’ve adopted a routine every time I complete a book. First, I put a tally on my books per month. Then, I cross out the book on any list it may appear (top 100, to read, to do). Next, I place the bookmark used in the book in my collection and add a tally. Finally, I grab another book and bookmark to start the process all over again. This cycle I follow has become as familiar to me as getting dressed in the morning. Every once in a while, a shoe may be put on before a sock, but I always get right back on track.


I admit, it’s a little obsessive. It’s probably a lot obsessive, to be honest.

I will rue the day chaos reeks mayhem on my life. Lists and organization are the only weapons I possess to defeat this dirty behemoth before it has a chance to destroy my orderly style. My whole family has already fallen many years ago to chaos, and I will not let it unravel my organization.

My ducks all need to be in a row. Clear and Concise have grown to be my best of friends. The plethora of books and bookmarks around my room would be complete havoc without lists to organize them all. My whole world revolves around my lists, and I have no idea what I would do without them! And I don’t want to find out!


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Teenage Reader: Listopia

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  3. I love making lists too, and have a bunch of them, although not as many as you do. I’m also really “strict” about organizing all my books, I have to arrange them in alphabetical order, and break things down by publication date and height too. 🙂 Fun post!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

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