Books Down South promises great reads

The cute little suburban city I reside in now comes with a cute little book festival to match! Since YAL Fest is in Charleston and too far for me to travel to, I haven’t even tortured myself with researching all the wonderful authors who will be attending. Also, the Decatur Book Festival is a whole year away again! I’m attempting to widen the horizon of bookish events I go to, so I was looking forward to a different quaint festival right here in my own town!

Books Down South had their first annual festival inviting many authors and organizations promoting a wide selection of books. They entertained children with story tellers, and adults with speakers on writing. Writers and readers alike came together for a common love of literature. At first, I was dubious about going, but mainly because autumn finally migrated down to the south.

The crisp weather has penetrated the Georgia heat; my house settled at 52 degrees this morning. 52 degrees! My southern bones cannot handle the drastic change. I was at the beach wearing shorts and a tank top two weeks ago. My thoughts on an outdoor festival were less than optimistic in this weather. I’ll be the first to admit it; I’m a wimp when it comes to cold. Luckily, I reread the Peachtree City newspaper, The Citizen, and found out Books Down South was indoors. That bit of information automatically put the festival on my good side. They held the festival in an old school with heating. Heating is always the key to success.

I went with my two friends to do a bit of bookmark grabbing and book perusing. The first thing I noticed– no teenagers. Not even one hiding in a corner behind an author’s stand glued to his or her phone. Nope. We definitely stood out. It makes me so depressed going on booksdownsouthlittle outings to bookish places without another teenage soul to be found. Technology has gradually infected the minds of most causing paperbacks to be a thing of the past. The festival did have all different book genres available. They ranged from children to young adult to adult and scattered the gym where the stands were set up. I would have liked to see a bit more young adult, but if no teenagers came to browse the selections, then there isn’t a point in inviting more authors from that genre. A couple of books did catch my eye: Find Me, by Romily Bernard and Something Yellow, by Laura Templeton. Both authors kindly gave me their books to read and review, so expect those posts coming!

Now for the bookmarks. Oh so many bookmarks! Just from the stands I stopped at, I got 36 bookmarks. How crazy is that?! My excitement was uncontrollable. My collection continues to grow larger and larger!

All the authors I met had interesting books and were very friendly. It’s a shame I can’t read them all! Books Down South seems like a promising event that I will certainly be present at the next year when it comes around. I recommend it for up and coming writers and hungry readers. They served delicious food, had a helpful staff, and had a variety of writers. Books Down South exceeded my expectations and left me excited to go back!


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