Book Review: Find Me by Romily Bernard


You may not have heard about this debut novel from the lovely Romily Bernard yet, but trust me, it will be everywhere soon. I visited Books Down South, and received a copy of Find Me with intentions to begin it as soon as possible. When I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

If you’re looking for a thriller, your search is over. Find Me ties in the modern teenage problems with some not so common secrets. The main character, Wicket, and her sister, Lily, have escaped their dead-beat dad yet again, hoping against all odds he won’t come back to destroy their new lives. The sassy Wicket knows they’ll never be free because their dad needs her expert hacking skills to get money. She prepares for the worst and has no faith her new Peachtree City foster parents who, for the time being, protect her and her sister from becoming involved again. One night, as she sits up on her computer doing what she does best, a diary pops up on her doorstep. The strange thing: the diary’s owner, Tessa, committed suicide and the words “find me” are scribbled onto a sticky note. She must now solve the mystery of Tessa’s death while learning that not everyone is as bad as they seem. Some are much, much worse.

Wow. This book practically made my heart beat right out of my chest. From chapter one, the excitement never ceased. Insipid moments were hard to come by between the everyday problems and the underlying issues unfolding ever so slowly. The clues kept accumulating until I thought I’d burst if the mystery didn’t unravel soon! I kept thinking I knew the ending, but every red herring thrown at me led me off track. The tricks and twists present throughout the pages caused the conclusion to be a complete surprise.

All the characters were easy to relate to. Wicket was a girl with a dark past and a cynical view on life because of experiences she had that no one should have to go through. Her sister Lily was someone who tried to shut the door to their old life and start anew, still keeping faith in the people around her. Wicket’s love interest, Griff, seemed to be a bad boy with just as many skeletons in his closet as Wick, which led to their tentative relationship.

Let me just tell you, waiting for the relationship of Griff and Wick to begin was just as suspenseful as the actual mystery. I would find myself clenching the book and screaming “KISS HIM!” (in my head, of course). Their adorable chemistry allowed for a much needed relief from the intensity of the rest of the book.

Find Me definitely is intense. I don’t recommend as a light beachy read, unless you want to be holed up in a room completely paranoid. As I read at school, I’d glance up and suspiciously eye everyone around me, What if that guy’s actually a hacker, what if her past holds this many secrets, what happens when he leave the double doors to the school…. Craziness, I know. But the book took place in Peachtree City, and that’s where I live! I’d gasp at the different locations, because I’ve been to them. It’s fiction, I get it. But when a clue led them to the library, shivers went down my spine. I’m obviously very familiar with the library here, and I could vividly imagine their activity. THERE COULD BE A MURDER USING THE COMPUTERS AT MY LIBRARY! 

Books don’t scare me easily. Usually, I can laugh at the attempts at a creepy scene. But maybe I’m just reading the wrong books. Trust me when I say this novel is thrilling. The first person narrative also added to the story. The reader found out the clues as Wicket did, so surprises were around every corner. The readers follow Wicket through everything, so her raw emotion at the different events and clues affected me just as much as her. Wick’s confusion, terror, anxiety, and the butterfly feeling that accompanies a perfectly muddled teenage love affair caused me to ride an emotional roller-coaster during the time I spent buried in the pages of Find Me.

I completely fell in love with this book! The only critique I have is the very last page. The sequel set up was a little too blatant for my taste. I didn’t mind too much, though. As long as there’s a second book, I’m all for it!

It was very fitting I finished this novel on Halloween. A nice, creepy book to read instead of a horror flick consumed my night. You never know who will be hiding behind a mask, whether it be a simple costume or a veil hiding their true intentions.

Read this book!!

5/5 Stars


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Find Me by Romily Bernard

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  6. Thank you for your comments!!! They are very insightful and your recommendations are intriguing! I’ve got Catcher in the Rye lined up to read when I am done what I am reading now. Odd that I have never read it! I’m going to see about getting Find Me for my daughter for Christmas (might have to borrow it myself too!!!). You have a fan in Tampa, FL!

    • Thanks!! I absolutely adore Catcher in the Rye! There isn’t really any action, but you really get to see inside the main character’s mind. It’s super interesting; I love books like that! I also think it’s kind of hilarious in parts, but maybe that’s just me 🙂
      Find Me is exactly opposite– the action will keep you gripping your seat! Suspenseful thriller that’ll leave you nonstop reading until you finish! Anyone interested in mysteries will love it.
      I’m so glad you’re going to read them! These are definitely some of my favorite books right there!! Thank you so much for reading- hope you enjoy 🙂

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