Book Review: Something Yellow by Laura Templeton


To be entirely honest, I opened this book and expected to hate it. The plot sounded intriguing and the cover was pretty, but the pages were so dense. The margins and the words were both teeny tiny, and the first paragraph seemed to set the stage for the rest of the book: difficult to read. Once I read further, though, I became accustomed to the writing style and completely fell in love with it. The story was full of realistic ups and downs of an average person’s life. I enjoyed every second of it, and now I wish the book was even longer!

The first thing that I noticed was the word choice. All the sentences knitted together created an eloquent book filled to the brim with figurative language and vivid images. I’m a girl who loves words. I have a list of favorite words. It’s one of the reasons I love writing so much: I can use large words and intricate sentences. If I walked through school using the same language I do in text, I guarantee I’d get some confused glances coming my way. Laura Templeton created a novel which never ceased to amaze me in her writing. All throughout the book, I literally highlighted the words and phrases I enjoyed. And trust me, not only the cover is yellow anymore. Page upon page is filled with my neon highlighter marks because of all the beautiful language. She really made the magnificence of the mountains and the emotions of the characters come alive.

The book is about one women’s experiences when she comes home to her Virginia mountain home to help her mother’s death through her cancer. Holly, the main character, had a sister who mysteriously disappeared 13 years back, and her family was never the same again. Her father died with a heavy heart a few years earlier, and her brother distanced himself completely from their family. Her mother didn’t just lose one child that day, she lost all three. Holly and Oliver both detached themselves from their roots and scurried off to make their own lives, never completely happy. During the book, Holly juggles caring for her mother and facing the secrets of her past, finally figuring out what really happened when her sister disappeared– and much, much more.

The characters are what really make the book. The writing style creates a strong bond with Holly and all the hardships she goes through. You see her confusion to trust others, her guilt gnawing at her heart, and the happiness she feels being home again. Some authors seem to throw obstacles at their characters while the readers sit back and watch the characters jump through impossible hoops with no connection at all. In Something Yellow, Templeton creates real problems with real solutions and real reactions. She doesn’t just toss problems into the book and mix it up; she illustrates a situation that could very readily happen. Doing this all while keeping the book unique is truly a large feat to overcome.

If you ever want to broaden your vocabulary, I definitely recommend picking up this book. Not only does she use fun words and elaborate images, she writes a book that’s easy to understand and exciting to follow. The plot molds an original situation with powerful characters to make a read that will be hard to put down.

Warning: Expect to be entirely submersed in the story!!!

4/5 Stars


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