Book Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan


I snagged this one on the way out of my school’s library. We actually have a brilliant and well-stocked media center. It’s too bad no one actually reads in my school.  Seriously. I was the fist one to check this book out and probably the first one who’s touched it since it arrived at my school. I can’t imagine why, because this novel was written by two fabulous authors who created a wonderful story.

Will Grayson is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary friend, Tiny Cooper. Tiny is a fabulous playwright with massive dreams. The other Will Grayson is a depressed high schooler with a melancholy outlook on life. When these two Graysons meet, their lives twist and turn in ways the wouldn’t have ever imagined.

Now, I knew I already loved John Green. He definitely ranks up there on my favorite author list. At first, I thought he was overrated, and I still think some of his books are, but this one is underrated. I haven’t had the pleasure to read any of David Levithan’s books yet, but Will Grayson, Will Grayson has given me a huge reason to try some.

This has contemporary written all over it. I wouldn’t particularly say it’s timeless, but it is surely a book any modern adolescent would enjoy. It shows teenagers it’s okay to be different, actually, it’s more than okay. It’s great. It also illustrates friendships may have rough patches, but as long as you love your friends, everything will be fine. Green and Levithan take simple and overdone themes as the skeleton and create a book seeping with understanding and meaning.

I think the main thing they’re trying to portray is the classic theme of be yourself. Tiny Cooper is gay, and he wants everyone to know. Will Grayson #1 has a policy to shut up and not care. Will Grayson #2 is just trying to find himself. With all three of these guys working together, they’re able to get through their teenage years just a little bit easier.

This book isn’t very exciting, but I did finish it in a day, so it is a quick read. Will Grayson, Will Grayson isn’t a book about the destination; it’s about the journey. It isn’t action packed or anything; instead, the book makes you think. You get to watch the characters develop and move out of their shell in a short amount of time. You are with them every step of the way as they grow and realize they aren’t all alone and the world isn’t all bad. 

It has both Will Grayson’s point of views every other chapter. Will Grayson #2’s writing style has no capitalization. I guess it’s some sort of statement, but it kind of irked me. Also, they didn’t really use quotation marks. The dialogue was set up kind of like a play. Will Grayson #1’s chapters had a pretty average teenage voice.

I would recommend this book to any teenage reader. It’s worth picking up and trying. It’s different and modern and the authors together put a very real spin on classic adolescent problems.

3.5/5 Stars


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