Christmas Traditions

I’m sure just about everyone has some holiday traditions they keep up with year after year. I have many; I’m definitely a Christmas girl. I love the holiday season with the cool weather (if only I was in a place it snowed) and adorable decorations. I love seeing the streets glowing with Christmas lights and the stores playing festive music. Everything about this season makes me smile! Here’s some of my traditions:

  1. CHRISTMAS SPECIALS; the season is not complete without them! I have too many shows and movies I always watch rudolph-hermie-blog1to count. A Year Without a Santa Claus, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Polar Express probably top the list at my favorites.
  2. A CHRISTMAS CAROL; I first read this famous book in middle school, I think. Every since then, a-christmas-carolI’ve made it my mission to read it once a year every Christmas. I started a little late this year; I’m in the middle of it now. Despite the age, it’s a quick and relatively easy read. Charles Dickens’s writing is perfect for the holiday season! The book is short and festive, and I recommend picking it up and reading the original if you haven’t already!
  3. DECKING THE HALLS; We have so many Christmas decorations! Every year, the nativity, Rudolph set, nutcrackers, and a myriad of different Christmas items go up in my house. In my old house, we used to have quite a bit of outside lights as well, but now we only have a few. I even put up a strand of lights in my room! christmastree
  4. THE CHRISTMAS TREE; I know, this is a decoration, but it deserves a different number. My family and I always pick out a live tree from the farmer’s market and decorate it together. We usually get it late in the season (we’d be decorating today), but this year we bought it early! I love reading in front of it or just watching the lights twinkle.
  5. SANTA HAT; this tradition of mine is extremely corny. I wear a Santa hat almost all December. It’s a cute hat! It’s fuzzy, and I clipped a little red bow on the bottom. I like my hat, no matter how much it embarrasses the people around me.
  6. BELLS; some people find bells annoying. I love bells. I have bell earrings and a bell bracelet and a bell necklace. I have bells bellson my bag. I have bells on my door. Bells are the best.
  7. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS; we recently started up this tradition again. My grandma and the four grand-kids pile intotwelve-days-of-christmas her car to drive through the Christmas lights. The whole place is so extravagant. The best lights were in the 12 days of Christmas section. We had trouble remembering the lyrics, but we sang the song beautifully all the same.
  8. CHRISTMAS EVE; every year my whole family gathers together for Christmas Eve dinner and gifts. This is probably my favorite tradition. The food is wonderful (my grandma makes the absolute best mashed potatoes), and everyone is so carefree.

There you have it! Some of my favorite Christmas traditions. Today’s post isn’t very book related, but I thought something festive would be fun. Merry Christmas!



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