Confessions of a Teenage Reader: Reading Quirks

We all have our quirks. Little idiosyncrasies dot our otherwise normal behaviors. Some people may never let their food touch, or put their right shoe on first, or touch light switches before leaving a room. For instance, I feel the need to touch mannequins when they’re close to me. Mannequins are creepy. If I’m near one, I’m afraid it will come to life without me knowing. Some are way too lifelike. I have to take the first step and touch their arms or legs to make sure they’re fake. And even then, they make me nervous.


I would cry, faint, and feel a strong urge to hug these creepy things if they were anywhere near me.

Point being, it’s a quirk, like everyone has. I’d like to confess my bookish quirks, not my real-life ones. I think it would get too weird too fast if I elaborated any more on my mannequin phobia or any of my other phobias.

Anyway, I have a myriad of strange habits in my reading ways.

  • I have to read 100 pages before judging a book. Every once in a while, a book is so bad I cannot get past page 20, but that doesn’t happen often.
  • The strange thing? Once I get to page 100, I feel the need to continue. If I’ve gotten as far as triple digits, it would be a waste of time to leave the book unfinished. It’s a conundrum.
  • I NEVER buy full priced books, unless it’s a highly anticipated book for me. Books-A-Million discount sections, flea markets, thrift shops, and second hand stores are the only places you’ll find me purchasing. Sometimes, I torture myself by going to the normal young adult section and running my hands across the beautiful hardcover spines. Beautifully expensive.
  • I have a catalog of all my books, their author, the genre, and any other valuable information (signed, etc).
  • I have a sheet of paper labeled “My Library” where I list what books are “checked out” by friends and family, where the books are going, and when the book left my shelf. Nobody is stealing my books!
  • I have a routine whenever I finish a book that I must complete as soon as I’m done. I tally the book for my monthly list, as earlier stated, and I put the bookmark in my collection. Also, I retrieve a new bookmark and a new book the minute I’m finished.
  • I carry a book EVERYWHERE. School? book. Going out to dinner? book. Going to the movies? book. Doctor’s appointment? book. Shopping? book. It doesn’t matter that half the time I don’t even pick it up, as long as it’s there. This is why my “purse” is technically considered backpack.
  • I always need to be in the midst of reading something. I cannot go a 24 hour period without beginning another book. This doesn’t have to mean actually reading it; I just have to know I have a book available with a fresh bookmark ready for my enjoyment.
  • My bookshelf is full of “fall back books.” I don’t seek these books out to read; these are books I just keep there to make sure I always have something to read.
  • I have those moments after reading a superb book where I am severely depressed. Usually, I cannot even think about starting another book, but this doesn’t last more than a couple days, max.
  • No rereading unless I LOVE the book or the next addition of the series is coming out and I need to refresh.
  • I despise starting books. It’s the worst thing in the world to me. You have to read the insipid first pages and trudge through learning characters. It’s like the beginnings of a friendship. The small talk of the bookish world, and small talk sickens me.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve gone longer than two days without reading. Maybe it’s an addiction. I should probably get that checked out.

I’m sure it isn’t just me who has reading oddities! Any avid reader understands my depressions or need for books. Right? Or the dreaded first page of a novel? Comment your reading habits below so I don’t feel so alone!


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Teenage Reader: Reading Quirks

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