Bookish Event: Laurie Halse Anderson Signing

I went through a lot to get to this signing. A lot. Okay, maybe I’m being a little melodramatic, but still. My mom told me about it when she saw it in the newspaper, and I was immediately ecstatic.  Then, something came up and my mother had to leave town on the weekend we were planning to go. I came home from school, bouncing and bubbly, only to get slugged by the bad news. I moped around for the entire afternoon, until I had a revelation. It’s not the end of the world. I’ll be okay if I don’t go.

The next day, my dad said he would take me, so I breathed a sigh of relief. It may not be the end of the world, but I was still supremely depressed (first world problems, right?). I called the library (which was a feat in itself, I hate calling people I don’t know) and we buckled up and drove up to Decatur. And we drove and drove and drove.

Decatur is actually about an hour from my house, so it was really an all afternoon thing. We pulled up right at 7:00 when they started, and I scurried in to find a seat. Someone introduced Laurie Halse Anderson, and the moment of truth came.

wintergirlssignedI was finally able to see the author’s face.

I am always ALWAYS surprised to see what an author looks like. It doesn’t matter their picture’s in the back of the book or they’re shown on Goodreads. I may follow them on Twitter and see their picture daily, but I’m still surprised. I’m surprised at their personality, voice, and looks. I still have trouble picturing that an actual person created the characters and plot I love.speaksigned

Once Anderson began talking, I was hooked just like I am with her books. She spoke enthusiastically about her novels. She walked the audience through the process of researching for historical fiction books, and her inspiration for her contemporary fiction books. I appreciated how outgoing and excited she was. Anderson proved to be one of those authors who truly loves her fans and her writing. She thoroughly enjoys the whole process, as well as the aftermath of talking to the readers about it.

After her spiel, the signing began. I was super nervous to talk to her because I hardly ever can think of anything to say. I get up there, and I freeze. I completely forget what I wanted to say, or I get too nervous.

An hour went by, and I noticed Anderson had a conversation with every single person. She never signed and waved on. She took the time to speak with everyone who came to see her; I don’t think I’d be able to handle that much small talk.

I finally stepped in front of her table, and she smiled and asked me about myself. That’s when I hurriedly told her about my blog and gave her my cute card.

Guys, she liked my tagline!! Yay!


We talked a little longer about the lack of interesting historical fiction novels, and then we parted ways. I really loved how friendly and kind Anderson is to everyone she meets. She’s been doing things like this for a long time, yet she still talks about her books like she wrote them yesterday.

knifesignedHer newest book, The Impossible Knife of Memory is out now. It’s about a girl’s struggles with her father along with beginning a new school. I’ve yet to read it, but I’m sure it will be fabulous. I also need to read Wintergirls (which I got signed) because its on my list! Hopefully I’ll have time to read these soon. My review of Speak is already up.

Overall, I had a great time meeting Laurie Halse Anderson, and I highly recommend all her books! I especially love how diverse she is in writing: both her historical and contemporary novels are wonderful!


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