Top Ten Worlds/ Characters I’d Never Want To Live In/ Be

These are technically two different things, but I can come up with some worlds and some characters, so I’ll combine them. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Warning- all these worlds will be dystopias.

  1. Uglies world- a world where the government brainwashes the citizens and makes them get plastic surgery to become “pretty”Uglies
  2. Legend world- a world where the government purposely releases diseases onto their citizens for no reasonLegend-Book-Cover
  3. Shadowhunter (Mortal Instruments) world- a world full of monsters and a Shadowhunter organization that seems dark and cruel200px-City_of_Bones
  4. Wither world- a world where the occupants die at 20 (girls) and 25 (boys) with a painful diseasewither
  5. Hunger Games world- a world where the government has a sick game show where children kill each otherhungergamesseries
  6. The Looking Glass Wars world- a world that has taken the cute story of Alice in Wonderland and turned it into a full fledgedwar with twisted characterslookingglasswars
  7. Feed world- a world where the people are controlled by companies and advertisements and education becomes less importantfeed
  8. Divergent world- a world where people are categorized by a defining trait and made to stay with their factionsDivergent-series-by-Veronica-Roth
  9. Tris (Divergent)- a girl who has to make world changing desicions completely alone which will alter everyone’s lifeTris_Prior
  10. Katniss (Hunger Games)- a girl who has been pushed into leading a rebellion when her only plans were making it out alive with her familykatniss

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