Book Review: Night Slashers by Rashad Freeman


As my mother pointed out, this isn’t a book I’d normally pick up. But I pride myself on reading a variety of genres without  with limited amount of judgement.

Daniel Montague is your average surgeon staying up all hours of the night all the time. He shuffles around day in and day out with little sleep and war experiences that never leave his mind. When his old friend, Tom, comes back to town, the memories become even more frequent. Suddenly, a string of murders begins. The victims? All people close to Daniel. As fear for his life starts to take hold, he struggles to protect himself, his wife, and his friends all while battling the past.

By the cover and the name, you can tell it’s a horror story. Freeman uses this assumption to his advantage. He fakes out the reader multiple times by setting up an extremely creepy scene, and having everything turn out just fine. It constantly keeps the reader on their toes.

My favorite part of his writing style is the scene setup. The author describes every detail and makes the reader feel as if they’re there. In a thriller, this ability is a necessity. If he didn’t, then the reader would feel absolutely nothing when the murders occurr. The writing sends shivers down my spine.

During the novel, Daniel’s army days are seen in flashbacks and dreams. The reader can feel the terror Daniel felt as he crawled through the jungle or pulled the trigger on his gun. Knowing Daniel’s fears helps make him more personable and real. I don’t think the memories really contribute anything to the story, but the reader becomes more in touch with Daniel as a character.

On the other hand, there are many confusing parts in the book. Freeman doesn’t fully explain the jump between flashbacks and reality or the change in location. I had to read sections two or three times to understand what was happening, and even then I sometimes didn’t get it.

Another thing: everything happened too fast. Some of the murders are a couple of pages from each other, and it doesn’t give the reader time to recuperate. I think a little more detail should be added into the scene changes and explanations of Daniel’s past to add some fluff in between the murders.

Okay, so this doesn’t really have anything to do with the quality of the plot or writing, just personal preference. I think Freeman uses unnecessary inappropriate language throughout the book. I could understand some in the dialogue, but even the narration contained it. If Night Slashers was written in first person it would have made more sense, but that wasn’t possible due to the ending. Also, some editing errors are present. The most prominent of all was using “piece” instead of “peace.”

I’ll try not to spoil anything, but to me, the ending is completely out of the blue. Usually in murder mysteries, there are subtle clues to the murderer, or the reason the murders occurred. The end reveal is entirely random in my opinion. Also, the flashback to explain what lead the person to murder all these people makes little sense. I understood the reason and what was happening, but I didn’t understand how the main character tied in.

I thought it is a fun murder mystery with detailed setting and an interesting main character. But some confusion, the ending, and the quick pace took away from my reading experience.

2.5 Stars


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