Book Review: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

I borrowed this book from a friend for no apparent reason. I just noticed it lying on her shelf, and I knew she had to read it for school over the summer, so I asked if I could take a crack at it. I’ve heard references to this book while watching TV, and I couldn’t just leave the book unread. So I began my journey with Morrie.

I’m sure most of you know what Tuesdays with Morrie is about, but in case you don’t…. Mitch’s favorite old college professor is dying. He has ALS, and his days are numbered. Now a high paid sports reporter, Mitch’s nostalgia at seeing his professor in the paper causes him to fly back and visit Morrie. Morrie and Mitch become Tuesday people; they meet every Tuesday and talk about family and friends, life and death. The reader is taken on a journey of self awareness and inspiration through the talks the two men have.

First things first. This is a nonfiction inspirational book. I did not realize that until I was about halfway through.

Me: Tuesdays with Morrie is okay so far, but how can some random author guy just know all these things about life? What makes him so special he can sit here and act like he’s unlocked the secrets of the world?
Mom: …It’s a nonfiction book. All that actually happened; Morrie was a real person.
Me: Well… I guess that makes more sense now.

Once I had this new perspective, I could actually read the book without the doubtful thoughts running though my mind. And, now I know this valuable information, it makes it hard to review.

For a nonfiction book, it’s pretty good. I enjoy the writing style. Morrie’s voice always appears in quotations, while Mitch’s questions do not. I feel like this subtly emphasizes the wisdom Morrie imparts. I also enjoy the flashbacks to Morrie’s younger days. It shows his personality more and how he has come to think how he does.

Otherwise, it’s pretty boring. But it isn’t really supposed to be exciting. It’s an old man talking to a young man about life. No action or anything, because the book is just supposed to give inspiration. Which leads me to my next point.

I did not feel inspired. I’ve said countless times how much I love books that make me think. Well, Tuesdays with Morrie should have made me contemplate my whole life, but it didn’t. I read it, and then I moved on. Nothing special, in my opinion.

Maybe I need to be older to really get this book. Maybe thinking it was fiction for most of the book ruined it. I could see how it could give people inspiration. But I’m not really looking to be inspired lately.

2.5 Stars


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