My Inner Geek Goes Public

Once a month, I let my true colors shine. Instead of burying myself in between pages, I shut my current novel and let my book obsessions run wild. Well, I already do that on the blog… but here, I’m protected by layers and layers of Internet. Out in the nonvirtual world, book nerds stay hidden in the stories they read. Who likes reading anymore, especially in high school, where you aren’t forced into it?

I’ll tell you who: book-clubians. Once a month, I head to the library for Ex Libris, my school’s book club, a place that allows me to freely express my bookish feelings. Live. In person. I have no virtual cloak to hide behind.


I’ve mentioned book club again and again and again, so I’d thought I would dedicate a post to it. First, I’ll explain what exactly it is. It’s a club. We read books. That about sums it up.

The first Wednesday in every month we all get together to drink soda, eat snacks, and discuss books. There are three selections each month to choose from, and the officers and sponsors pick the books. Usually, the trend is one classic, one chick book, and one everybody book. The best thing about the book selections? They give them to you on a bookmark. If that doesn’t hook people, I don’t know what will.

realityAnd hello?! Book discussions! With people who (usually) have read the book! YES! I’m so tired of blabbing on to anyone who will listen about my latest book. It’s like talking to a wall because 1. they don’t care and 2. they have no clue what I’m talking about. And yeah, yeah, I know I have the blog, but I don’t get to bounce around ideas with real live people. The blog allows me to talk about and review books with people who care, but I don’t exactly get to have conversations.

Some content in my reviews are courtesy of the discussions. And you guys thought I came up with all this stuff on my own! Pfft…. Many times I’ve walked into the library completely content with my opinions on the book, and I’ve walked out again itching to write about my new findings. It’s cool to get new perspectives on the same story.

I’m pretty open to new genres as it is, but I can’t say I seek out certain topics (ehm, I’m looking at you, fantasy). Book club gives me the extra push I need to physically pick up a different book and read it. I’d been meaning to read 1984 and Legend for a while, but I didn’t get around to it until the cute little bookmark told me to read them.

My nerdy personality shines when I go off on a tangent about characters and plot and writing style. I always go into the discussions planning on saying as little as possible, and then something sets me off. My school already identifies me as that girl who always reads, but my fellow book-clubians know just how passionate I am about my books.

And I think we have a pretty awesome club. First of all, we get T-shirts, and not those drab gray/ black shirts with Times New Roman font blandly stating the club. This year, the shirt is a deep purple with silver lettering at a quote about reading on the back.


Adorable, right?! Trust me, the color is nicer than the picture. (Excuse the wrinkles; the shirt may or may not have been crumbled up in my drawer.)

And we recently finished the Read-A-Thon where a bunch of the members bring blankets and pillows and books and read in the library after school. There’s been copious weekends were I sit curled up in a chair having my own personal Read-A-Thon, and now I get to socialize as I read! Perfect! They feed us pizza and we read for about 6 hours.


People: Ew, why would you want to read for that long? I hate reading, anyways. That’s supposed to be fun?Whenever I tell people about this, they’re always appalled.

Me: *goes back to my book*

The best part about the Read-A-Thon is it’s a charity event. We look for pledges from people either per page or in total, and the money goes to a literary charity of the officers’ choosing. So in addition to having an excuse to do nothing but read, I’m also reading for a purpose.

Even the sponsors have begun to notice how geeky I am when it comes to books. They asked me to read Heart of Darkness because they’re trying to impress the teacher leading the discussion. No big deal, I’m just awesome *flips hair*. My secret escape into the fictional world hasn’t been as secret as I assumed it was. Everyone, even teachers, notices my obsession. Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to embrace the nerd in me and let it shine.


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