Book Review: Bold by Julia Swift and Andrew Landis


Before I actually review the book, I want to point out the cover doesn’t do the story justice. This doesn’t make me want to pick up the book at all. It really doesn’t do anything to catch the readers’ eyes. But you know what they say: don’t judge a book by its cover!

That being said, the book was considerably better than the cover. Sasha is a shy girl without many friends. She hides behind books and dark hair, until the accident. After the car crash, she decides to stand out and take risks. She decides to be bold. Will just moved to the California desert after his father’s death. He’s ready to start anew without the pitiful glances he received from his other friends and neighbors. Sasha and Will step out of their sheltered worlds, but they soon find out there is a difference between being bold and being reckless.

 The plot is entertaining. I wouldn’t call it predictable, since the characters continually make decisions I didn’t foresee. Overall, the book carries heavy concepts, death of a loved one and almost death of yourself, but it’s a light read. I never stopped flipping the pages, and I always wanted to find out what happened next. I never thought the events were too far fetched or did I think they were boring.

Although, there are some jumps and holes in the plot. I felt like the characters didn’t have lives outside of the pages, which sounds weird, because they aren’t supposed to. They’re fictional. But do you know what I mean? I didn’t feel their presence could have been in places without the words forcing them into place. For instance, I couldn’t even picture Sasha with her family until the very end when she’s with her family, nor could I picture Will with his dad. I don’t think the characters’ lives were well developed. I found myself wondering things about their lives and having no clue as the answer.

I also felt like there were random things popping up into the plot. The story didn’t flow into all these new additions. I didn’t realize Sasha’s brother, Xander, was still dating the girl who got him into jail. That’s kind of an important piece. Sasha’s whole family hardly played a part until the end, and by then I felt like they were strangers.

Also, I felt like Sasha and Will constantly went back to whatever tragedy happened to them. Yes, you’re sad, I understand. But I think you can go one page without thinking about the accident or death. 

Even though the lives seemed a bit jumbled, their personalities certainly weren’t. Both Will and Sasha have relatable problems and quirks. Sasha is completely shy, hides her nose in books, and wishes she could be an extrovert. Hmmm, could be any number of us bloggers…. Will is popular, athletic, but he wants to be seen as something more. These two clashing personalities make them a dynamic couple.

In parts of dialogue, I found myself rereading a couple of times. The authors begin the dialogue run with one person, and then it’s expected for the reader to follow. I think this technique is common when there are quick, one-line, two people conversations, but every time someone speaks, this is the format. Sometimes there were three people talking, and I had no idea who was saying what. If there were a couple more she said/he said I would have been happier.

I loved how it wasn’t just a love story with a happy ending. The book was about taking risks without being stupid, and about moving on. Sasha’s and Will’s romance didn’t dominate the story. Despite some shaky transitions, it’s still an easy and entertaining read. The holes in the plot and in the characters lives along with some confusing scenes limited my reading enjoyment.

3 Stars


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