The Man by Abraham Lopez


This is my first short story review, which is exciting! I really enjoyed just reading an engaging story for a bit instead of investing a lot of time in a novel. You can download The Man here for free from Goodreads.

The man is ready for revenge. His anger has been festering for years, and his senses are tuned to his victim’s everyday life. Everything is in place, and today is the day he retakes his life. Brad Stevens, unbeknownst to his fate, better watch his back.

If you’re looking for a spine chilling story, look no further. The Man combines elements of suspense, revenge, and cruelty to create a masterpiece. Pity as well as fear accompanies the reader throughout the story for both characters. In the end (no spoilers!) the reader sympathizes with the man and feels a twinge of sorrow for him.

The story flows, and its a quick read. The reader gradually finds out the man’s motive for the deed he’s so ready to commit, which adds to the suspense. Abraham Lopez somehow combines the protagonist and antagonist so by the end, the reader isn’t positive who is the real good guy. Everyone’s favorite character is the villain; the plot wouldn’t move forward with them. The man has all the qualities of a perfect “villain.” Secretly, the reader is rooting for the man to triumph in the end.

The one critique: there are some sentences which are a bit confusing. During a couple of paragraphs, I had to reread a couple of times to grasp the meaning the author’s portraying. Otherwise, the plot continuously moved forward, and nothing seemed choppy or out of place.

Hmm… it’s hard to review a short story without giving anything away! I definitely recommend it, especially for Stephen King/ suspense/ horror fans.

4 Stars


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