Book Review: The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen


Macy is bored of all the pitiful looks she receives due to her father’s death a year earlier. She and her mother have been getting along fine, just fine, on their own. Her mother constantly works, and Macy helps her by sticking to their routine and keeping a perfectly clean house. She’s content with her perfect boyfriend and perfect grades and perfect life. That is, until a hectic catering company enlists her help at one of her mother’s work parties. She then realizes how exciting chaos can be and how interesting real friends are.

I read this book for my Read-a-Thon at school and I finished it in the day. It contains some serious issues, but overall it’s an airy read. The issues aren’t heart-wrenching nor are they abnormal, so the book is easy to relate to.

I could complain about its predictability or sappiness, but The Truth about Forever is defintely a book about the journey. It doesn’t matter that the reader knows within the first chapter that Macy will fall for the gorgeous catering guy, Wes. Or that the book will have pages about finding yourself, realizing happiness, and moving on. I knew coming into the novel this wasn’t a heavy book, which is why I enjoyed it.

It’s entertaining, and that’s why I like Dessen’s books. Always, she writes books that serve to entertain and relate to teens. I flipped happily through the pages, never bored, but never thrilled either. The characters are fun and normal and don’t have anything special about them. Her books are so realistic. The world isn’t going to end and the characters don’t have anything life altering happen to them. She somehow writes about ordinary days but still engages the reader wholeheartedly.

The Truth about Forever is a cute romance between two teens trying to find themselves. The plot isn’t extraordinary, but the writing style and characters really make the book. Compared to the other Dessen books I’ve read, this one isn’t as good, but I still found myself entertained while reading it.

3 Stars


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