Book Review: Forever… by Judy Blume



If you’re thinking this is a typical Judy Blume children’s novel, you’d be mistaken. Forever… deals with teenage sexuality and the dramatic steps Katherine and Michael take once they fall in love. Teenage love is a difficult thing to keep, and once their parents make them spend a summer apart, “together forever” is roughly tested.

Blume always seems to deal with shocking content in a classy way. She doesn’t over-do this book, but she addresses the issue bluntly without beating around the book. I imagine in 1975 some of the content was a bit racy, but she doesn’t sugar coat anything. It’s a book purely for teens about their relationships– physically and emotionally.

Getting teens to relate to the story seemed much more important than the actual plot. Nothing really happens, per say, but the easiness of the read and the interest in the characters’ choices led the reader to continue. The conversations in the book seem to be random, but each dialogue allows the reader to relate more and more to the characters. None of them are perfect, and the awkwardness of everything is the reality teens are going through when faced with these relationship problems.

It’s funny in parts to read the awkwardness of Katherine’s and Michael’s relationship. There “first time” is really amusing. Blume captures the uncertainty and strangeness of the situation and tastefully writes about it. It’s not erotic content; rather, it’s the embarrassing truth.

I would definitely categorize this as an easy beach read. You might get a few laughs or understand the situations completely. Either way, Forever… is a truthful interpretation of teenagers’ first time at a real relationship.


4 Stars


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