The Night Before Our Stars


Well, guys, this is my first movie review, so we’ll see how well I can handle it. My movie critiquing consists of good, okay, bad, terrible, but I’ll try to be a bit more detailed.

This is also my first movie premier! I wanted to go to the last Harry Potter premier way back when, but life got in the way, and I never thought another premier was ceremonial enough. Even this book (which I read like a year and a half ago) isn’t on any of my favorites lists, but it was about time I actually went to a premier. Plus I love John Green. Plus, I got to go to The Night Before Our Stars!! nightbeforeourstars

My best friend and I decided to have a girls night out and cough up $25 to go see the early viewing of The Fault in Our Stars on June 5 along with a live chat with the cast and John Green afterwards. This means I’ll still have to go to a midnight premier, though…

Anyway, it was awesome! The whole thing! First of all, there wasn’t nearly as many people in the theater as I thought, which was a big plus. There were huge storms and the power went out during the trailers, which put everyone on edge, but the movie continued like normal.

But, guys, let me just tell you how depressed I was. I live near Atlanta, and it turned out that John Green and the cast were in Atlanta for the live chat and I could have been there!! Maybe that’s why there weren’t that many people, they were probably all partying it up in Atlanta. But I didn’t know about it! I completely died inside. That would have been the coolest thing ever; how could I not have known? The live chat wasn’t that special, though. It felt short and they didn’t answer that many questions, but then again, John Green always has very lengthy answers.

So, let’s get to the movie. The movie, oh, this movie! I wish I had seen it before my Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations because this definitely ranks in the top best. Granted, I read the book over a year ago, but the structure is the exact same and the dialogue and events are straight from the book. The actors are perfect for the characters’ personalities and looks. The music only adds to the sadness and successfully got the whole theater of teenage girls crying.

The Fault in Our Stars isn’t among my favorite John Green books, but I’d still give it four turtles, I think. If you haven’t read the book, keep in mind it’s made out of sappiness. The whole novel is one big cheesy love story with cliches and unrealistic elements to the characters. Perfect for teenage girls. The moral isn’t missed, though, and it still shines through the heartache and first love portrayed in the movie/book. You can still live a full and happy life even if it’s short, as long as you are loved and love someone.

Don’t go in expecting a cancer story that focuses on the illness and the unhappiness of the situation, because that isn’t what this is supposed to be. Some people say it romanticizes cancer, but it doesn’t. Green is showing that being terminally ill isn’t a synonym for unhappy. They are two separate things, and yes, it sucks, but you can also live through it and still do exciting things and live an exciting life.

The movie obviously cuts out some things, but that’s really the only difference from the book. Otherwise, I think the movie captures the emotions and theme of the story, and the actors bring it to life, so it’s even more emotional in the film.


Be prepared for a whole roller coaster of emotions. There are moments of oh my gosh this is the cutest thing ever my heart is about to explode…


and moments of oh my gosh this is the worst thing ever how could this ever happen why would you do this to me the world is so cruel.


 Plus, it’s just light enough to be enjoyable and laugh at some comments, cry at some events, and smile insanely at the romantic things Gus and Hazel do. Seriously, though. My heart was practically pounding out of my chest at their adorable relationship. The actors pulled it off perfectly and brought all the feelings from the book to the big screen.

I teared up, but I don’t really cry in movies (or books, for that matter). The rest of the theater was a puddle of tears, and the soundtrack of the movie was accompanied by the sniffling of the viewers. I would get waterproof mascara and pack tissues, because it’ll be an emotional two hours.

Overall, I didn’t find one thing wrong with the movie. Not one thing. Yes, some things are cut. Yes, it’s sappy. Yes, it’s pretty unrealistic. But that’s the book, and the movie fits it wonderfully. If you’re looking for a heart-wrenching sob story, as well as a giddy first love story, The Fault in Our Stars is the thing to see.

5 Stars



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