Book Review: The Extraction List by Renee N. Meland

the extraction list

Riley lives in a world where fear follows everyone like a shadow. And her mother, Claire, is the root of the cause. She created the Parental Morality Law, which allows the government to abduct the children who aren’t in government-approved homes. Supposedly, this was the answer to destroying the fear, but that wasn’t what happened. When Claire’s own daughter prepares to get extracted, the two take action. Cain, a most-wanted veteran and quick killer, helps them reach safety. Along the way, Riley finds out not everything is as it seems, and she’s determined to help find the children taken from their parents.

It’s definitely an intense plot line. I always complain about the amount of dystopian fiction, but I get hooked every time I open one. The Extraction List is no exception.

The action starts from the very beginning, and the reader gradually finds out the situation and condition of the world amid their journey away from the government officials bent on taking Riley. The book instantly hooked me. I was curious to find out the conflict and the dark twists put on an otherwise modern world.

Though I would say some of the parts were almost too fast-paced. For instance, I may have wanted to know a little bit more about a certain fight or adventure or whatever, but the book kept moving on without a break in action. To me, this is both good and bad. I was always interested, but I also didn’t have a chance to connect with anything. I felt instead of being in the action or jumping into Riley’s shoes, I was watching the events occur from a distance.  The constant stream of excitement made it seem choppy at time with weak transitions. But I feel like this is a novel you shouldn’t get too hung up in. The book is about the journey and the confusion of the times, so it shouldn’t be a simple and easy to breeze through chain of events. The characters aren’t very relatable, but again, if you focus more on the story, your interest will never waver.

Oh, the characters. I have such mixed feelings about the characters. I thought the characters were very interesting. For one, there was many different sides to each one. Also, they had distinct voices, stories, and personalities, so there wasn’t any confusion. But, I didn’t think they were realistic. Specifically, Riley. I hated her, honestly. She’s 15, yet she didn’t understand lightly veiled hints of corruption. And she was way too dependent on her mother. Grow up, please. But other times, she seemed perfectly capable and strong and smart. The mixed characterization of her and some others confused me.

I did like that the adventure consisted of Riley, her mother, and a friend. I liked there was no star-struck lover or a neglectful parent or something equally dramatic. Claire’s love of her daughter is basically what started the whole mess, which is very realistic to me. And sure, there is a little romance, but nothing that halts the pace of the novel and gets in the way of their mission.

Overall, I recommend this book for dystopian lovers and people who want a quick and exciting read. It’s not very long, and I honestly wished it was longer. I think there could have been more descriptions about the fight scenes and places they went. Plus, if it was longer, there could be more development of characters, which would make them less confusing. But it is a series!


3.5 Stars



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