Top Ten Cover Trends I Like and Dislike

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is cover trends you either like or dislike. This is kind of hard to think about because I’m not that hung up on covers. I know a lot of fellow bloggers need to have matching series sets or all hardbacks or something, but not me. So, with my unobservant, untrained, and slightly uninterested eye, here are the cover trends I find most or least appealing.


  1. Simple Designs: I don’t like having a concrete illustrations on the front of a novel all the time. Sometimes, just different or unique artwork with minimal realistic drawings make the book seem more interesting…the joy luck club
  2. Colors: Bright and exciting colors also draw my eye in a bookstore. I want it to pop, like a bald head with different hues of blue around it…feed
  3. Simple: Just one picture or object on the front add to the mystery and make me want to read the book more. The cover should never give away the book. The design should be bold and eye-catching against the background… DorothyMustDie_CoverOnly1.indd
  4. Titles incorporated into the design: I think the title should pop, which usually looks perfect if it’s actually used in the illustrations. You’ll never miss the title if the characters are sitting on it… FANGIRL_CoverDec2012-300x444
  5. Hints or correct characterization of the content of the book: Small hints. Like I said, it shouldn’t give away the whole book. But a glass slipper for Cinderella is good… cinder


  1. Real people or realistic people: I want to be able to think of the characters’ features myself, thank you very much. Plus it’s usually a little creepy… theprograminsidecover
  2. People kissing/ close ups on bodies/ close ups on faces: Whoa, there. I haven’t even opened the book yet. We’re getting too serious, too fast. Please put your shirt back on… 200px-City_of_Bones
  3. Movie covers: I guess this falls under real people. But let’s get this straight, the book influences the movie, not the other way around. Maybe I’ll make an exception, though, for Logan Lerman and Emma Watson on the same cover…the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-movie
  4. Art that has nothing to do with the book: Do not give me some random field of grass when the book is an urban fantasy. No. That is deceptive, and it’s just plain wrong! Or a girl swinging when the main character is male…ThirteenReasonsWhy
  5. Stock photo covers: Let’s have some originality. Don’t put the same old boring photos on different colors. don’t use the same poses or people. Which pretty much goes with real people again. bold

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Cover Trends I Like and Dislike

  1. STOCK PHOTO COVERS YES. Especially when you can tell how pitifully photoshopped they’ve been. And agreeeeeee for the people ones. I love love love the designs nowadays, and the minimalist covers that Harper’s been coming out with! They’re cute and simple and PERFECT

    • Exactly! Even if it’s a self-published book, let’s spend a little more time on the cover. And for people… can’t we just let the reader decide how the characters are going to look? Especially when half the time the people on the cover don’t even match the character descriptions. I agree that Harper has definitely been coming out with better covers!!

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