Book Review: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

shatter me


Juliet hasn’t spoken in years. She’s been condemned to isolation after the incident. After her parents threw her into the arms of the Reestablishment. After her touch, just one touch, was found to be lethal. The Reestablishment doesn’t think she’s an abomination, though. They want to harness her ability, but after a whole lifetime filled with fright and hate, she decides to fight back. And with the help of a soldier whose deep blue eyes seem very familiar, she finally stands up for herself.

I knew this book would be great. Otherwise, why would everyone be raving about it? I finally got it from the library, and I must say, I wasn’t disappointed.

At first, it was difficult to get into the book. It’s written in first person, and the thoughts of someone on the edge of insanity due to isolation and loneliness aren’t always coherent. But that’s also what made it unique. Her thought stream wasn’t always easy to follow or made sense, because it was always jumping from on thing to another. Instead of this coming off as choppy and confusing, it made the reader more empathetic towards her situation. We felt all her raw emotion. We lived through her pain. It was heart-wrenching to her, and to us. Mafi writes in the perfect first person. We are the character. And we only knew what she knew. When she was blinded by emotions, we couldn’t see all the events occurring either.

Throughout the book, there’s words or phrases crossed off to represent what she doesn’t let herself think about. It’s that little slip of a thought that nudges in before she crosses it out of her mind and thinks realistically and rationally again. I feel like this is a really hard writing style to pull off. But somehow, she made it jumbled but not confusing. Exciting without ever really leaving her thoughts.

But, sadly, I did not like her love interest. The way they found each other again was a bit cliche, but I went with it. Then, when he kept getting all defensive and protective over her, I just couldn’t get over it. Yeah, protect her from the bad guys. But when a friend is just joking around, take a step back. Calm down. Sheesh. She doesn’t need you to fight her battles for her. If the joking bothers her, she’ll say something about it. I don’t know, I just found him too serious and too boring.

I liked Juliet and her personality. Just one thing that nagged at me. Why is she so beautiful? Why does the one trait of any character in any young adult book have to be beauty? Just once I’d like to have a girl who’s not anything special, and a guy who’s the same way. It’s especially prevalent when the protagonist is female. When they’re male, they need neither a love interest nor perfect looks. But females need to be stunning and have an equally attractive love interest. Ugh.

Anyway, back to Shatter Me. I loved the plot. It never got dull nor was it far-fetched. Yes, it’s dystopia, but Mafi definitely made it unique. It’s a mixture of X-men and government corruption.

I actually plan to read the rest of this series! Lately, I’ve been in a rut where I only read the first book and move on. Nothing has interested me enough to take the time to hunt down the next books, but this one surely has.

4.5 Stars


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