Book Review: Mind Games by Kiersten White



Fia takes being always right to a whole new level. She’s literally always right. Her instincts are perfect. Her sister Anna, blinded to the world but able to see the future, struggles to keep Fia sane and happy in the terrible school. This school takes girls with extraordinary powers and uses those abilities in cruel ways. The girls fight between doing as they say or risking their lives with disobedience.

Sisterly love is a refreshing change from the usual beginnings of a romance that are in most young adult novels. The sisters always came first in each others’ eyes. Despite Fia’s struggles with her ability and the hazy prospect of wrong and right, Fia and Anna stay true to one another.

That’s about the only thing that was different and enjoyable for me in this book. I’m not saying it was bad, because it wasn’t, but everything was so typical. Fia begins to fall for the evil guy, yet he isn’t evil all the time with everyone so that makes it okay, right? Fia and Anna fight. Blah, blah, blah. We all know at the end of the series the school will be demolished and the girls will start working for good instead of evil. Yay.

But enough of my sarcasm. It’s written in both Fia’s and Anna’s perspectives while also jumping back and forth between the present and the past. As the book progresses, the confusing situation they’re in is revealed slowly, which keeps the suspense up and the reader engaged.

The style of writing, especially for Fia, takes place mostly inside her head. It’s first person, and it shows her conflicted thoughts, emotions, and instincts when she’s told doing something wrong is right and vice versa.

Plus, I hated the characters. To me, they did nothing right and weren’t at all likable. And nobody could bond with Fia because she was crazy. And not just I seem crazy but really inside my head I have it all sorted out kind of way. It was in a way that made it hard to follow her thoughts and sympathize with her problems. I know that’s the point of her personality, but it just bothered me.

Overall, I thought the premise of the book is overdone, but I liked the writing style and sisterly bond. The plot continously moved forward, and the book never got boring. Despite these strong suits, I hated the characters and wasn’t invested in their problems.

2.5 Stars


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