Book Review: Faded by Chloe Miles


Savannah and three of her friends wake up next to a totaled car in a ditch with four others standing over them. These earthbound spirits have given them another chance at life, and they need help. Savannah is one of the Chosen Ones who can control weather, switch between human and spirit, and heal people. These Chosen Ones are the only ones who can defeat the Forces who have been creating havoc in their town since their own deaths. In the midst of the battles between the forces, Savannah finds herself swooning over Hunter, the ghost who saved her. But it’s hard to have a relationship when one of them is invisible to everyone else. With the Forces trying to turn her loved ones against her and the hardships of a complicated first love, Savannah tries to cope with her new life with her friends and save the town.

I really enjoyed the plot-line of this book. It’s a contemporary love story with a paranormal twist. Normally, I dislike that sort of genre, but the love story isn’t too overbearing and the book somehow feels like realistic fiction despite the ghosts roaming around.

Romance, unless otherwise stated, should be a subplot. And this is a perfect example of an adorable yet contained first love. Some young adult books tend to inflate the romance so it overshadows the main story, but Faded adds in enough cuteness to balance the distress without making me gag. Which is perfect. Plus, their relationship isn’t all hot and heavy and I-need-you-right-now-or-I’ll-die-again type of thing. They obviously love each other but they don’t freak out about it all the time which is way more realistic.

Savannah and Hunter have the main romance, but the other characters also have their friends and loves which is good because the reader doesn’t just have to focus on one relationship. There are quite a bit of characters in this novel, but it doesn’t seem like it. Each person is easy to distinguish and has their own unique voice. Nothing is ever confusing.

The writing style is also easy to follow. There is a clear voice with descriptive details and adequate explanations about everything. The author also has a few flashbacks to further explain things, but she doesn’t use too many to overtake the story. I liked how the story moved at a good pace and wasn’t ever boring, but I felt like the writing style was almost too simple in parts. For instance, it’s a little unrealistic to think that high schoolers are completely appalled at doing anything more than kissing. I don’t think the story is the kind that needs a lot of figurative language or lengthy detailed paragraphs, but I would have liked to see a bit more intricate style.

The dialogue throughout the book was wonderful. The author used the perfect amount with the amount of characters and action. The story always moved forward at a fast pace and the conversations kept things light and airy and more contemporary. I think that the conversations were easy and not strained between characters, but again, it was too innocent. The teens and parents were all practically holding hands and skipping without a problem in the world other than the Forces. I think more arguments between friends or something would have made it less goody-two-shoes and more real. Even the conflict between the Forces and Chosen Ones was almost like friendly banter rather than good guy/bad guy.

Guys, the plot twist. It definitely earned its title. I gasped outwardly without feeling like the surprise was too far-fetched. Beautifully performed.

I definitely recommend this book for contemporary lovers because it adds a paranormal twist without falling into the forbidden mythical creatures/ high fantasy/ paranormal thriller/ paranormal romance thing. Perfect for a quick easy beach read!

4 Stars



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