Book Review: The Internet Girls (series) by Lauren Myracle


TTFN: Angela, Zoe, and Maddie are all on high after their sophomore year drama has resolved. Junior year in theirs. These upperclassmen enjoy the perks of being 16 with their parties and cars, but this time, something else is threatening to tear them apart– parents. With Angela’s life changing forever, the girls struggle to stay connected in their IMs all while dealing with their own troubles.

L8r, G8r: Senior year and everyone’s thoughts are filled with graduation day and college visits. And with all their differences, the three girls fret about their lives after high school. But when some old sophomore drama flares again, the girls band together and become stronger than ever.

Okay, you caught me. I didn’t read the first one. I picked up TTFN from the library without realizing it was a sequel, but I decided since these are easy high school chick lit books, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Then, I found L8r, G8r in hardback at a thrift store for $1, so I jumped on that deal. I combined the two reviews because they’re pretty much the same book with different conflict and supporting characters.’

First things first. It’s written in the form of instant messaging. And when I first heard of these books, I thought it was about the stupidest thing I’d ever heard. Really? IM? I fumed about how teens don’t talk like that, and this makes no sense, and why would anyone even want to publish this? Basically, I read it to make fun of it. Little did I know how much I was going to like them.

Seriously, I really enjoyed reading these. I related these characters with both me and my friends. Their conversations were the same conversations I’ve had. Yes, IM is a little a lot dated, but just pretend it’s texting and you’re good to go. The issues they worked through and the way they handled them are so teenager-y, and I have to admit, I was surprised. Lauren Myracle voiced these three girls like actual high school girls. The slang wasn’t trying too hard and the topics weren’t childish.

It’s a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-type friendship. The girls had each others’ backs and never wavered. Sure, they had some arguments and disagreements, but it was all resolved.

Plus, the IMing is interesting to read. There isn’t any of the individual girls’ thoughts, there isn’t any dialogue between characters other than the three friends, there isn’t any real-time conflict or situations that the reader goes through. Instead, we only see the before/ after and their thoughts and recaps on these events. Myracle does it in a way so we know enough information without it seeming an unrealistic amount of detail. And the problems are cut up with breaks of IMing about absolutely nothing, just friends chattering away. This style gives the reader enough information to be interested, but not enough to know everything. It’s a weird way to read, and it always left me wanting more. I didn’t want to wait until after the fact; I wanted to be there! It was a perfect balance.

If I told you how fast these are to read, you wouldn’t believe me. It’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid quick. It’s written in IMs, guys. Seriously, it’ll take you no time.They’re just really fun reads, and I recommend them (Though I did like TTFN better).

4 Stars




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