Book Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi


I don’t even want to tell you how much time has passed since I read this book to writing this review. It’s just shameful.

Juliet now resides in Omega Point for people with gifts, like her. She’s finally free, yet still living underground, from The Reestablishment. Nobody can use her lethal touch for evil, and she’s finally free to love Adam as she pleases. The only thing that puts a wrench in her free, perfect life is the beginning of a war. And the desperate need Warner still harbors for Juliet isn’t going away, either. Now, Juliet’s own choices are causing her to feel trapped once again.

I actually liked this book more than I liked Shatter Me, which usually doesn’t happen in series. I felt like Juliet was more put together and lucid throughout this book. I know she had a hard life and everything, but I think she spent too much time wallowing in self pity, and Kenji in this book pointed this out many times and sort of slapped her into reality.

Now that I’m writing this, I think it’ll be more of a discussion of Unravel Me than an actual review, so just know that I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, so Kenji. Is. Adorable. I love him so much. He keeps his humor in the worst situations, and he’s actually very important and in charge yet he doesn’t really seem like that. Plus he’s just all around perfect. Adam, on the other hand, is moody, annoying, and dull. Why does Juliet even like him? Let’s be honest, it’s probably only because he’s the first person she can touch. Talk about shallow. Out of Kenji, Adam, and Warner, he’s like the very worst choice. And in Unravel Me, I felt like they lost all their chemistry.

Onto Warner. Yes. Yes YES! Warner is way better than Adam. Sure, he’s kind of evil, but that just translates into troubled in young adult books. But again, he’s, what, the second person Juliet can touch? Come on! The only two people she can touch in the whole world (at the moment) and she’s falling for them both. Alright then.

Let’s go back to the moodiness thing in this book. Both Juliet and Adam have some super mood swings. One day they’re all over each other, the next they’re completely distressed, then they’re powerful, then they’re back to being all over each other. Seriously, they can’t spend two minutes apart from each other without collapsing into a spout of longing and self-doubt. Talk about codependency. It’s sickening, really. And this is where I agree with Kenji. There is a war going on. Juliet is no longer in an asylum alone. Adam and Juliet can’t be together all the time. GET OVER YOURSELVES. Sheesh.

I really wish Juliet could be more independent and strong. Because she’s obviously strong since she is still mentally capable despite being locked up for 3 years, and she can kill people with her touch, so. But her complete dependency on these guys– Adam and Warner– is crazy. I think you can keep your hands off and your pants on long enough to focus on the actual important thing here: the war.

If you’re looking for a riveting dystopia, this is it. If you’re looking for one without the typical love triangle or steamy relationship, this is not it. I admit, it’s pretty much the basic formula on young adult dytopias. The things that set it about is 1. the caliber of the romance, it’s obviously a dystopian romance not just a dystopian with a romantic subplot 2. the writing style is gorgeous and perfect, it’s almost poetic and it’s completely earth shaking and 3. the suspense and heart clenching feelings you get throughout the novel is almost too much emotion.

I talked about this book while I was reading it and days after to anyone who would pretend to listen. These people had no idea what was going on, and I was fuming about Juliet’s choice in men and her lack of self-confidence. I jabbered on and on about my conflicted feelings towards the characters and situations, which is a tell tale sign of true book love.

5 Stars



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