Top Ten Characters that would be Sitting at My Lunch Table

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke in the Bookish. School has officially started for most everyone now, so they went with the back-to-school theme of characters that would be sitting at your lunch table for this week’s topic. I think this will be more like characters I’d want at my lunch table.

  1. KenjiShatter Me series: He’s funny and interesting and always keeps things light and happy. His jokes will never stop and there won’t ever be a dull moment at the table with him.
  2. Cath- Fangirl: Cath is quiet, but she’s into blogging and writing and hopefully we can fangirl together and she can give me tips.
  3. CinderLunar Chronicles: I just love Cinder. She’s sweet and strong and down to earth all at the same time. She’d be a good person to go to for advice.
  4. Anna Oliphant- Anna and the French Kiss: Anna seems fun to be around. She’s always joking and laughing, and with her and Kenji, I’ll be laughing until my side bursts.
  5. TibbySisterhood of the Traveling Pants series: I always thought Tibby was cool. She’s a bit cynical and sarcastic, and almost reminds me of myself.
  6. Thorne- Lunar Chronicles: I think Thorne would be so amusing to eat with at lunch. I could just see him now hitting on (and getting rejected) by people walking by. He’d be fun to tease and mess with, and who doesn’t want a little eye candy every now and then?
  7. Percy JacksonHeroes of Olympus series: I’ll take Percy, and Annabelle can just stay within the pages because he’s definitely mine. Book boyfriend, right here!
  8. Hermione GrangerHarry Potter series: How can we be at school and leave out Hermione? She can help me with math and explain the homework that’s due next period.
  9. Ed KennedyI am the Messenger: He’s kind and completely different from everyone else. I think he’d keep us all grounded.
  10. HoldenCatcher in the Rye: Holden is a bit mysterious and interesting to watch. With his sarcastic comments and constant wit, he’d fit right in.

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