Top Ten Authors I’ve Read 1 Book from but Need to Read More

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is oddly specific, but I’ll roll with it. I’m actually going to break it down a bit further. The first are books that I enjoyed and want to read more like; the second group are books that I didn’t really love but want to give that author another chance.

  1. Lauren Oliver- Read: Delirium
  2. Stephanie Perkins- Read: Anna and the French Kiss
  3. Ned Vizzini- Read: It’s Kind of a Funny Story
  4. Stephen King- Read: Under the Dome
  5. F. Scott Fitzgerald- Read: The Great Gatsby
  6. M.T. Anderson- Read: Feed
  7. Gayle Forman- Read: If I Stay

  8. Maggie Stievater- Read: Shiver— A lot of people love her work, and she seemed so talented and intriguing when I saw her at the Decatur Book Festival.
  9. Robert Cormier- Read: The Chocolate War— I didn’t love this book, but I wanted to, so I figured maybe if I give him another chance, he’ll wow me.
  10. Jennifer Smith- Read: Statistically Probability of Love at First Sight— Jennifer is so sweet and wonderful, and maybe a different book of hers will be a cuter love story. I want to like her books so bad; she’s such a great person!

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