Top Ten Places Books Made Me Want to Visit

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is the places books have made you want to visit. I’m going to do a combination between real and fictional places, but it’s tough because there’s not many places that call out to me in books. I don’t have attending the Hunger Games on my bucket list, thank you very much. I’ll have to think about this one for a while.Hogwarts_Castle

  1. Hogwarts (duh): Maybe my letter got lost in the mail?
  2. Camp Half-Blood (duh): My and Percy are basically soulmates, and getting to freely practice and have godly powers as well as hang out with all your friends and eat awesome food is literally heaven.
  3. parisParis– Anna and the French Kiss: The City of Love, and the city of beautiful architecture
  4. London 1800s– Clockwork Prince: I love old-timey places, and London during this time seems beautiful and mysterious.
  5. Civil War– Gone with the Wind: I know, this is a weird one. It’s really before/ after the Civil War when Scarlet wears gorgeous hoop dresses and long gloves and daintily walks about sipping tea and rejecting her many beaus. hoop dresses
  6. Lunar– Lunar Chronicles: I just want to see what the moon looks like and see the lunars who can glamour people. Trust me, I wouldn’t want to actually live there.
  7. Wonderland– Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: How hilarious and fun would walking around in Wonderland be?
  8. The Phantom Tollbooth– The Phantom Tollbooth: Again, let’s talk about how fun that would be to hang out here. mapphantomtollboothpacific coast academy
  9. Boarding School– Winger: Any book that takes place in a boarding school makes me want to live in a boarding school. Right now, I’m reading Winger, so that’s my current obsession.
  10. Venice– The Thief Lord: I’ve always wanted to go to Venice, and this book showed me the intricate ins and outs of the city from the underground to the tourist gondolas.

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