Kicking off 2015 with challenges and resolutions

Before we start talking about the new year, I’d like to point out that I had this entire post written, was 80% sure I saved it, and came back to a bipolar internet and a black slate. Yay. So here I am, trying to start over and not punch the wall in the process. Good omen for the rest of the year, eh?

Next order of business. The new year! I hope everyone popped champagne (or sparkling juice) and toasted and had a great time with people you want to be with for the rest of the year. I hope you were kissed and smiled wide and banged pots outside the door and went crazy for the minutes following the ball drop. I love the new year.

Alright, now for my resolutions and challenges. I’ve decided to participate in some bookish challenges to keep myself motivated throughout the year. I know, I know, the past couple months I’ve dropped off, but between school and friends and work and everything in between, life just got in the way. Not this year. Nope. I will make time, will have time, and will love the time I spend blogging. It’ll be great.

So let’s start with my challenges. I only have a few because let’s face it, I won’t be able to handle too many.

2015 Discussion Challenge3

First, I’m going for the 2015 Discussion Challenge hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction. I need this challenge. It seriously spoke to me as I was sifting through the many book blogger challenges. I slacked on just getting up simple reviews in the past months, but discussion posts completely dropped off my plate. They were so foreign to me by December, I stopped thinking about posting them. That is definitely going to have to change. I will be posting at least one discussion post a month. At least. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more.




I’ll also keep up with the 2015 Authors A to Z Reading Challenge hosted by Samantha Lin. This seems like a fun little scavenger hunt to participate in, and I don’t think it’ll be too hard, so I’m definitely aiming to read all 26 letters of authors with last names from A to Z. This’ll be a fun challenge to keep me on my toes when choosing books, and I hope it’ll diversify my reading indirectly.



2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

Another challenge I’ll do is the 2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge hosted by The Book Vixen. Last year, I read 78 out of my 75 pledged books. I feel like I could have done more, especially with my lack of reading toward the end of the year, so I’ll shoot for 90. 90 books in 2015. I can do this. It won’t be too hard, right? I see people pledging to read 200 books, and I look back onto my 90 with shame, but I hesitate to even step into the three-digit realm. I’ll stick with 90.




And here’s the challenge I really need. The challenge that basically took a good look at my blog/ blog life and created a schedule to fix it. The Book Blogger Organization Challenge hosted by The Book Addict’s Guide was made for me. It’s a six month guide to organized blogging from cleaning out blogs that you follow to scheduling posts. I think I’ll tweak the guide to make it more specific to Stealing Pages, and I hope I follow it. I need some help with organization right now because I’ve basically been floating around in the blogging community, following too many blogs, reading too few, and having too many posts clogged up in my drafts.


Now for my personal blogging resolutions:

  • I’d like to read one classic a month. In the past month, I’ve been on a classic binge, and I feel it’d be better to space them out and be a more literary reader.
  • I would also like to be more active in the blogging community. I feel like I’ve dropped from commenting and responding and just reading fellow book blogs. I need to step up my game in 2015.
  • And, since I had such trouble keeping up at the end of the year, I think it’s time I schedule a time to blog and write. I’ve never understood when people say to schedule specific times to do things, because I think the external factors of life get in the way too much to make routine times to blog or to do anything else. Despite my skepticism, I will succumb to the organization tactic of scheduling time to blog, and I’ve decided on Wednesday. I changed my availability at work so I don’t work Wednesdays, and I have book club and Epic Read’s Tea Time that day, so I figure it’s the perfect blogging day. I resolve to do everything in my power to curb the variables of everyday life and always set Wednesdays aside to catch up on the blog.
  • In addition to my discussion posts, I need to post one review a week, which isn’t hard with the amount of books I read, just difficult to write the reviews in a timely manner (I won’t confess how many reviews I need to write).

And for my other resolutions:

  • I drink way to much Coke. Way too much. I resolve to drink less Coke as to save my teeth from rotting and my stomach from ballooning. In order to accomplish this, I’ll stop ordering Coke at restaurants because a. this’ll save money and b. I wouldn’t like dentures at 35.
  •  My next one pretty much goings along with the first: eat out less. So far, I haven’t followed this (I had Waffle House this very morning), but I’ll try. It’s hard because we don’t really have any shopping near us, and only have restaurants, so we jump from place to place and gorge accordingly. It’s a problem, really. So I’ll strive to eat out less, but I make no promises.
  • And finally, write more. Not for the blog, but just for myself. It could be descriptions or stories or diary entries or anything. I just think it’d be good for me to write more to practice because I inevitably end up writing lengthy text messages to my friends about everything and anything, so I may as well put any itch I have to write to good use. Who knows where it could lead?

Alright, guys. I can do this. I love resolutions, but I rarely follow through, which seems to be the trouble of most people. I look forward to continuing my blog during 2015 and having another great year!







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