Top Ten Book Related Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week book bloggers can dump all their bookish problems out on the internet, so let’s see if I can conjure up a good list.

  1. Too many books
    • I’m sure this is the top of pretty much all readers’ problems. I have two massive bookshelves in my room plus floating shelves plus a shelf in the loft plus a stack of books I need to get rid of…. And none of this stops me from buying more books. 
  2. Being too cheap to buy new books
    • I walk into Books a Million and run my hands lovingly over the gorgeous hardbacks and crisp paperbacks but I cannot bring myself to buy full-priced books! I read reviews of the books that just came out and I sigh and wish I had a better library or a bigger wallet because it’ll be at least another couple months before I get around to reading the newest trend. I usually splurge on one or two beautiful hardbacks, or try to get someone else to splurge on me (President’s Day, anyone? Wanna buy me a book? Sure, everyone gives gifts on President’s Day; it’s the hipster Christmas.) 
  3. Having no time
    • I have so much stuff to do every single day. Between school and work and friends and everything, I’m beginning to understand the people who complain that they have no time to read. I make time, but it isn’t always easy!
  4. Reviewing books
    • This is both a book and blog problem. I like reviewing books, I like writing about the books, but I procrastinate too long after I read them and then I don’t remember exactly what I wanted to talk about. I talk to other people who haven’t read the book, or read at all, about these books, and I still wait for weeks after I read them to review it! It’s a problem.
  5. No reader friends
    • I have friends who have read books, but they aren’t readers. I just reread I am the Messenger, and I realized a very important detail at the VERY end that would spoil the ENTIRE book that I need to talk to someone about! I can’t just start talking about it, though, because I still have a faint hope that they’ll read this book! I’m dying here! I need someone to be mind blown with me!
  6. Reading niches
    • Sometimes, I find myself in a long stretch of one genre, and I’m always hard-pressed to be pushed out of it and into something new. For example, I was reading A LOT of contemporary fiction, and I had to read a bunch of classics for an interview I was doing, and let’s just say I summoned all my willpower to turn away.
  7. Eating and reading
    • I read during my breaks at work (15 minutes of bliss), but I’m also starving so usually I either read 30 pages or eat enough to curb my hunger. 
  8. Forgetting my responsibilities
    • Sure, I have two projects due, math and physics homework, a Spanish worksheet, and a video for history, but why not read a 100 pages? It’ll get done. Eventually. Hopefully…
  9. Wishing I could read all of the things
    • Another universal problem for readers. I’m waiting on two important things in the future: 1) Waterproof books and stands for shower-reading 2) Designated times where everyone has to read (If Big Brother forced me to get lost in a book, I’d be okay with it.)
  10. Never shelving a book as DNF (Did Not Finish)
    • I can’t read multiple books at a time, and I definitely can’t put a book down once I’m a good bit into it. I always hope it’ll get better and I don’t want to waste my time and not be able to say I finished it!



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Book Related Problems

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  2. I’ve been told, “I am the messenger” is really good. And I have a friend who has the book, they’re gonna lend it to me to read but they keep forgetting to bring it. Hopefully I’ll be able to read it soon. I’ll comment again when I do.

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