Top Ten Favorite Heroines

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week focuses on your favorite heroines, which I always seem to draw a blank at when anyone asks me about powerful female characters. Strange, huh? I think I can come up with ten, because I know I’ve read so many more than that.

  1. Cinder/Scarlet/Cress- This may be cheating, but I couldn’t pick between these powerful heroines.

  1. Juliet- Despite the fact she’s indecisive and a bit whinny, there’s no denying her strength.shatter me
  2. Annabeth- She’s a given. Demigod, daughter of Athena, intelligent, athletic, dedicated, gorgeous, practical… Girl crush, anyone?
  3. Hermoine- Her name autocorrects to heroine. Need I explain more?
  4. Wick- Hacker who doesn’t take crap from anyone? Perfect heroine. Find-Me-by-Romily-Bernard(pp_w220_h332)
  5. Dorothy- She may seem cute and small in her little checkered dress, but just look at everything she’s done: melt a witch, expose a fraudulent wizard, tame lions, journey across a strange land. wizard of oz
  6. Eleanor- Eleanor knows who she is and doesn’t change that for anyone, which sometimes takes more bravery than these fantasy heroines. eleanorandpark
  7. Sophie- She took a lot of crap on Skin Island and still made it out alive and only somewhat scarred.vitro
  8. Skeeter- Standing up to Southern whites in the 1960s when it comes to civil rights? Scary. helpmovie
  9. Scarlet- Little Miss O’Hara wen through over 1,000 pages of hell and back in Georgia during the Civil War. We gotta give her props.gone with the wind

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