ARC Review: Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

Delilah has successfully removed Oliver from her favorite fairy tale and replaced him with Edgar, who agreed to take Oliver’s place as Prince Charming in the book. Things couldn’t be better. Well, there are a few complications. Oliver has to pose as Edgar at school, and a fairy tale prince and a modern teenager don’t have much in common to work with. So while Oliver and Delilah couldn’t be better, the world seems to be pit against them. For one, the book wants Oliver backs. And Edgar’s mom (and the author) seems to be a little suspicious. As if normal high school drama wasn’t plenty enough already.

I read Between the Lines and had some mixed feelings about it. It’s entertaining and fun to read, but I wasn’t thrilled about everything. And I feel the same about its companion.

So the things I liked. I like the idea of this book. A girl falling in love with a fairy tale prince and lifting him out of the book? Sounds like something I’d only dream about. It’s obviously a fantasy book, but it’s written as a contemporary romance, which makes the whole wish upon a star magic seem all the more real.

I thought all the dialogue seemed very genuine as well. I admittedly chuckled as some witty remarks or nodded along, and, especially for a fantasy book, this is rare. I did think some events and the portrayal of high school were too… convenient. For example, Oliver drew a scantron picture on the SAT and got a perfect score. And I’ll be honest– the popular girls at school aren’t usually outfitted in high heels and lip gloss and booty shorts. And they usually aren’t that mean, either. Sorry to break it to you, adults. High school isn’t actually like that.

Also, maybe this is just because I’m cynical, but I felt like everyone loved too… deeply… to be real. Like when Edgar and (SMALL SPOILER SHIELD YOUR EYES) Delilah’s best friend fell in love, it happened way too fast and too hard and it just didn’t seem real. And I don’t think it was fair that Oliver and Delilah got their happy ending but Edgar and Delilah’s best friend didn’t. Just because they’re supporting characters doesn’t mean they’re feelings are less important! (END SPOILER)

Veering away from the content for a bit, I still don’t like the different color fonts. The colors change for each perspective (there are three), but I would just rather read plain black print. It does fit the playful mood of the book, so I could see why they chose to do it that way. Plus the illustrations are fun.

The book overall is entertaining and kept me completely engaged. While some parts are a little convenient and predictable, it doesn’t take away from the story. Sometimes you need something fluffy and cute to read, and this book is definitely it.

In addition to the fluff, though, there are little snippets of seriousness and commentary about the reality of books versus actual reality. It’s enough not to make the book too deep but also give the readers something to take away from the plot. The whole premise of the story is pretty much geared to people like me: intense readers who would love to step in/ bring characters out of their favorite books.

I do recommend this book, especially as a twist on the usually YA contemporary romances, because sometimes pulling a prince out of a fairy tale is a bit more exciting than just another beach “love.” I didn’t love everything about it, but it’s simple and quick and will keep you interested.

**Thank you to Random House for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.**

3.5 Stars



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