Mini Review: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Simon has successfully hidden from revealing that he is gay for years, but it becomes harder when Martin finds out and begins blackmailing Simon in hopes of getting a new wingman. And to make matters even more complicated, Martin would expose Blue, the pen name of the boy Simon’s been emailing constantly, and he couldn’t do that to Blue. Now he has to find a way to tell everyone the truth without hurting his friends, Blue, or himself.

I actually had the opportunity to go to the launch party for this book, and I heard about it through the blogosphere long before it was released. I could not wait to read this because a. the cover is adorable and b. the whole premise sounded adorable.

And it was completely adorable. I think that’s the best word I could use to describe it.

The characters are what made the book. Simon and his friends, Nick, Leah and Abby, dominate the pages with their personalities. There are actually quite a few characters, but each one comes off differently and proves to be their own person. Simon has a dry humor and a typical outlook on life– but not a bad typical. A relatable typical. Like every high school student could understand where he’s coming from and understands at least some of his problems and feelings. The whole book describes high school fairly accurately, in my opinion.

Also I liked that even though Simon and Blue obviously liked each other, Simon also has mini crushes on other guys. He’s in high school. It’s not like they’re in love or anything, and not everything has to be as intense as Katniss/Peeta YA romances. He daydreamed about who Blue could be, and who he hoped Blue was. It, again, made the whole book more relatable because we all don’t fall madly and hopelessly in love in high school.

The only problem I had with the book is the pacing. It wasn’t ever really boring, but there are slow parts that could use a bit more action. Simon’s coming out is pretty much smooth sailing and the character issues are just run-of-the-mill high school troubles, which I liked and didn’t like. It did make everything relatable, but I started to feel like I whenever I opened the book I was walking through my school’s hallways and doing the same dull activities.

But the book is really character-driven with a very definite YA stamp. He references Harry Potter and makes cute little jokes and remarks that were like Easter eggs throughout the book. I enjoyed reading it, and it’s quick to get through.

4 Stars


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