Top Ten Characters I didn’t Click with

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic focuses on the characters we don’t click with.

  1. Earl (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) — I know Earl’s supposed to have that whole not-likable-but-lovable vibe going on, but I don’t see it. I get that’s he’s actually a sweet guy deep down, but I feel like he’s too much of a jerk on the surface for me to like him. But all the characters in this book are like that. Not likable, but lovable.
  2. Amir (Kite Runner) — Okay, let’s face it. Nobody likes Amir. He’s cowardly and disgustingly selfish, and I didn’t think his redemption at the end of the book completely made up for all the stuff he did to Hassan.
  3. Katniss (Hunger Games) — I didn’t like how by Mockingjay she couldn’t hold herself together, and she focused too much on Gale-Peeta-Gale-Peeta instead of the actual revolution.
  4. Bernard Marx (Brave New World) — Bernard could not make up his mind about whether he wanted to fight the system or feed into it, and I was super frustrated throughout the entire book because I couldn’t tell what his master plan was.
  5. Mim Malone (Mosquitoland) — I don’t have a completely concrete reason for disliking Mim,
  6. Travis Coates (Noggin) — I absolutely hated Travis because I felt like he focused on trivial things instead of being like, oh, hey, maybe I should figure out this whole thing with my new body and revived brain.
  7. Naomi (Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List) — Oh my gosh, Naomi is so annoying. She and Ely fought over the stupidest things, and she’s too overly possessive and concerned with herself. I cannot stand Naomi. It was a good book, but Naomi was awful and petty.
  8. Max (The Alex Crow) — I don’t know. I didn’t hate Max, but I just felt like we weren’t the best of friends while I read it. He was just mildly annoying to me.
  9. Anthony Patch (The Beautiful and the Damned) — Anthony was disloyal to his wife Gloria, too concerned with alcohol, and too lazy to get a job. Yet he was completely rich and got everything he wanted and was upset when things didn’t work out.
  10. Sloane (Since You’ve Been Gone) — I have a love/ hate relationship with characters like this. I adore the idea of Sloane, her mystery, her style, her wistfulness. But I hate her carelessness and callous nature and disregard for others’ feelings.



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