Turtle Trial

My rating system consists of 5 turtles representing 5 stars. Why? Well, turtles are wonderful (my favorite animal), and they match my blog theme! I have to admit, though, I am a tough rater.

1 Star  I loathed the book. Do not read. Never read past the title.

1.5 Stars This book is terrible. Absolutely horrible. If you want, attempt to read it, but expect disappointment.

2 Stars Still not a good read. I dragged my feet the entire way to the finish line.

2.5 Stars Tedious read, but I didn’t hate the book.

3 Stars It’s an okay book. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I wouldn’t discourage either.

3.5 Stars I enjoyed this book, but it wasn’t the best. I would recommend.

4 Stars This is a great book. Please read! One or two problems in the book I couldn’t get past.

4.5 Stars Wow, I can’t even understand why this book is so awesome. Maybe has one or two quirks I didn’t like.

5 Stars This. Is. Completely. Amazing. Nothing is wrong with this novel. I highly recommend reading it; I may pick it up again myself!


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